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Limit Resource Downloads 1.2.0

Effortlessly set download limits, complemented by user-friendly error pages & informative interfaces

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Introducing the Limit Resource Downloads add-on​

Limit Resource Downloads add-on gives forum admins powerful control over resource downloads by allowing them to set a variety of limits, such as:
  • Daily download limits
  • Positive Reaction requirement
  • Minimum message count limits
  • Force account upgrade
The add-on also includes informative interfaces and user-friendly error pages that explain the reasons for download restrictions. This helps to discourage abuse and promote fair use of resources.

In addition, the add-on can encourage user engagement on the forums and can lead to more account upgrades, boosting your site’s revenue.

Key Features​

Here are some of the key features of the Limit Resource Downloads add-on:

🛠️ Usergroup permissions: This allows admins to fine-tune who can download resources, and under what conditions.
🧩 Support for setting permissions in each Resource Category: This gives admins even more granular control over download limits.
📉 3 types of limits: Admins can choose from customizable download limit, reaction limit, and message count limit.
↩️ Ability to bypass limits: Admins can allow users to bypass limits by setting them to “Unlimited” or by granting them the appropriate usergroup permissions.
📊 Info Tabs Bar: This provides a quick overview of the user’s current download limits for the viewed resource.
📄 Download Limits Overview Page: This provides a detailed overview of user-specific download limits for the accessed resource.
🎯 Custom Buttons: These buttons provide quick user info/alerts, such as the number of downloads left or an alert that the download limit has been exceeded.
🚦 User-friendly error pages: These pages explain and guide users through download limits and restrictions.
⚙️ Admin options: Admins can customize the download limit reset time, enable/disable the Info Tabs Bar and Download Limits Overview Page.
🎨 Easy customization: Custom classes and dedicated style properties for effortless customization.
Restrictions on changing or undoing reactions, controlled by admin options & usergroup permissions.

If you’re looking for a powerful way to control resource downloads on your XenForo Resource Manager, the Limit Resource Downloads add-on by XenCustomize is a great option. It’s packed with advance features and gives admins the flexibility to fine-tune download limits to meet their specific needs.

Complete features list:​

  • Implemented up to 9 new usergroup permissions for configuring download limits and bypass options.
    • Download limit
    • Countdown timer time [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Message count limit
    • Can bypass message count limit
    • Reaction limit
    • Can bypass reaction limit
    • Can change reaction [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
    • Can undo reaction [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
    • Force account upgrade
  • Implemented support for setting permissions in each Resource Category.
  • Implemented the following types of limits:
    • Customizable download limit/quota for a specified number of hours (default: 24 hours)
    • Positive reaction limit to prevent downloads without reacting to the resource.
    • Message count limit - admin-defined minimum messages required for each usergroup to access downloads.
    • Force account upgrade, replacing the download button with an account upgrade link.
  • Implemented the ability to bypass the above limits:
    • Ability to set "Unlimited" in the download limit/quota to bypass download limits.
    • "Can bypass reaction limit" permission to bypass reaction limits.
    • "Unlimited" or "Can bypass message count limit" usergroup permission to bypass message count limits.
  • Implemented Info Tabs Bar displaying a quick overview of the user's current download limits for the viewed resource.
    • Responsive Info Tabs Bar with scrolling, similar to Resource Tabs in standard XFRM.
    • Option to enable/disable via admin settings (Enabled by default).
  • Implemented a "Download Limits Overview" page offering a detailed overview of user-specific download limits for the accessed resource.
    • Detailed overview and various info messages in the download limit section based on scenarios:
      • Download Limit
      • Downloads Left
      • Download Limit Reset Time
    • Detailed info messages in the message count limit section based on scenarios:
      • Message Count Limit
      • User Message Count
      • Detailed explanation of how the reaction limit is applied to the user in the reaction limit section.
  • Implemented Custom Buttons integrated with the Download button to provide quick user info/alerts:
    • "Downloads Left" counter (visible when users have remaining download quota)
    • "Download Limit Exceeded" alert (visible when users have used their download quota)
    • "Upgrade your account to download" (visible when Force Account Upgrade permission is active for the user)
    • "Upgrade account" (visible when Download Limit is exceeded for the user)
  • Implemented user-friendly error pages explaining and guiding users through download limits and restrictions:
    • Reaction Limit Error Page with an Encouraging Title, Message, and Custom Buttons: "Click to Go Back" and "Learn More"
    • Message Count Limit Error Page with an Encouraging Title, Message, and Custom Buttons: "Click to Go Back" and "Learn More"
    • Force Account Upgrade Error Page with an Encouraging Title, Message, and Custom buttons "Click to Go Back" and "Available Upgrades" linked to account upgrades.
  • Implemented Admin options for customizable control:
    • Download Limit Reset Time in Hours.
    • Countdown Timer Time in Seconds. [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Enable Download Limits Quick Info Tab Bar.
    • Enable Download Limits Detailed Overview Page.
    • Positive Reaction IDs. [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 1]
    • Reactions change restriction. [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
    • Reactions undo restriction. [NEW 1.1.0 Beta 2]
  • Implemented limits on Version Downloads on the History tab.
  • Added custom classes and style properties for effortless customization of Info Tabs Bar, Custom Buttons, and Download Limits Overview page: [NEW 1.0.2]
    • Button Caution
    • Button Negative
    • Button Positive
    • Info Tabs Bar
      • Positive color
      • Negative color
      • Caution color
  • Implemented a download countdown timer before displaying the download button. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Implemented pause the countdown timer when user switches to another tab. [NEW 1.1.1]
  • Introduced a new download page that showcases: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Countdown timer [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File name [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File size [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File extension [NEW 1.1.0]
    • File view count [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Multiple ad positions [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Sidebar widget position [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Click to Go back button [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limits overview button [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Admin option to set the default number of seconds that users should wait before initiating the download: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Countdown Timer Time in Seconds. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Added usergroup permission to customize “Countdown Timer Time” per usergroup, overriding the admin default: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Countdown timer time. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Included a couple of XenForo native ad positions for placing advertisements on the download countdown timer page: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limit Resource Downloads: Countdown timer above download. [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limit Resource Downloads: Countdown timer below download. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Added new widget position to place widgets in the sidebar position on the download countdown timer page: [NEW 1.1.0]
    • Limit resource downloads: Countdown timer. [NEW 1.1.0]
  • Resources with "External Download URL" type support:
    • Download limit. [New 1.1.4]
    • Countdown timer. [New 1.1.4]
    • Positive reaction limit. [New 1.1.3]
    • Message count limit. [New 1.1.3]

What's on the horizon?​

We've completed the feature additions for the v1.1 series. Meanwhile, for this add-on, we remain committed to enhancing stability, refining existing functionalities, and addressing any reported bugs and compatibility issues. Thank you for your support!

Uncertain 🤔 about a specific feature?​

If you need a functionality that isn't clearly mentioned above, please don't hesitate to contact us before making a purchase. Once you've bought and downloaded the add-on, your order can't be refunded.

Compatibility with XF and XFRM​

While the add-on is built using the latest versions, we require a minimum of XF 2.2.4+ and XFRM 2.2.2+ for proper compatibility. If you need compatibility with older versions, kindly reach out to us before making a purchase.

Screenshots, Install and Setup​

Install "[XenCustomize] Limit Resource Downloads" like any other XenForo add-on. In the admin options:
  • Default setting for the Countdown timer is 5 seconds, which you can adjust to your preferred duration.
  • You must specify your preferred positive reaction IDs.
    • Default positive reaction IDs are: 1, 2, and 3.
  • If you would like to restrict users changing or undoing reactions, then activate these options:
    • Reactions change restriction.
    • Reactions undo restriction.
other options are pre-set by default as shown below:


Next, explore Usergroup permissions. These 5 permissions are automatically set up during the installation process:
  • "Reaction Limit" permission is granted to user who can react on resources.
  • "Bypass Reaction Limit" permission is for those who can Bypass Flood Check.
  • "Bypass Message Count Limit" permission is set for users who can Bypass Flood Check.
  • "Can Change Reaction" permission is set for users who can Download.
  • "Can Undo Reaction" permission is set for users who can Download.

Please setup usergroup permissions as per your needs, specially "Download limit" and "Message count limit" should not be left as 0, see above screenshot.


Optionally, you can also set resource category permission.



Clicking the links in the Info Tabs Bar opens the "Download Limits Overview" page in an overlay window, as demonstrated below:


Implemented limits on Version Downloads on the History tab.


User-friendly error pages explaining and guiding users through download limits and restrictions, as shown below:


[New in 1.1.0 Beta 1] User-friendly error page to guide users when they’ve reacted, but not with a positive reaction:




Restrictions on changing or undoing reactions:


You can change the phrase: xcu_lrdl_you_can_not_change_your_reaction


You can change the phrase: xcu_lrdl_you_can_not_undo_your_reaction

[NEW in 1.1.0] If all conditions are met, clicking the original Download button will now redirect you to this new download page. To initiate the countdown timer, simply click "Get the download link" once.


Countdown timer:


Once the countdown timer finishes, the Download button will appear:


We've included built-in advertising positions for your convenience. You can effortlessly place advertisements on the download page, either above the download button or right below it:


Here is an example of advertising positions on download page:


We've also added a sidebar widget position on the Download page. You can place ads in the right sidebar using an HTML widget:


Did you love using this add-on?​

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