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🎡 Stylish audio player built with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

πŸ“ Unlimited profile audio tracks with lyrics, artists, albums and more.

πŸ“Ž Audio attachment support with compatibility checks.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Album art upload and display with cache control.

🎧 Enhanced audio viewing experience with Minimelody player.

πŸ” Quick search with autocomplete for easy navigation.

πŸ“Š Accurate play count tracking for each audio track.

πŸ‘ User reactions and alerts for profile audio.

πŸ“š Explore user-created audio libraries with a user-friendly interface.

πŸ”₯ Seamless integration with popular music streaming services.

βš™οΈ Extensive admin options & style properties for customization and control.

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Introducing the premier profile music addon for XenForo 2, bringing your profile to life! 😊

Are you ready to add a whole new dimension to your XenForo 2 profiles? We’re thrilled to present the Profile Audio Player, a groundbreaking add-on designed to bring your XenForo community’s profiles to life with the magic of music!

🎡 Express Yourself with Music Elevate your XenForo 2 community profiles by adding your favorite custom music tracks. Share your musical taste with others in a fun and unique way.

🎧 Easy for Everyone You don’t need to be a tech expert to use this. Just upload your music, and the Profile Music Player will do the rest.

πŸ”Š Admin Control, Your Way Tailor the experience to your community’s preferences with admin options. Enable or disable the Player with a single click, and choose whether audio tracks autoplay site-wide when profiles load. You’re in control.

🎡 Immersive Audio Player Experience music like never before with our stylish, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery-based Audio Player. It’s more than just play and pause – enjoy artist names, album details, track duration, progress bars, and even a playlist button for uninterrupted listening pleasure.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Visual Brilliance The Profile Audio Player doesn’t just sound great – it looks stunning too. With album artwork integration, your users’ profiles will come alive with vibrant visuals that perfectly complement their musical choices.

🎨 Make it Yours With 23 style properties, you can customize the Player’s appearance and design to match your community’s unique identity. Set the mood and create an immersive experience like no other.

πŸŽ‰ Seamless Management Integrates well into the Player, Account wrapper and Visitor menu. Users can manage up to 10 audio tracks with individual input fields, including audio uploads or URLs, artist names, song titles, album names, and even the ability to upload custom album art.

🌐 Effortless Translation If your site supports multiple languages, our product is fully phrased, making it easy to translate into different languages and connect with users from around the world.

🌟 Be a Trailblazer Be the first in your community to have this unique Profile Music add-on. Share your love for music with friends and fellow members.

🎢 Feel the Music Experience the joy of music as it fills your profile. Let your favorite tunes speak for you.

Complete features list for v1:

  1. Profile audio player appears on user profiles when they start adding audios to their playlist.
  2. Admin option to Enable or Disable “Profile Audio Player” (Enabled by default).
  3. Admin option to Enable or Disable “Autoplay” of audio tracks site-wide when profiles load.
  4. Admin option to Enable or disable “Manage Your Playlist” in Account navigation group.Β [NEW in v1.0.1]
  5. Admin option to choose Player position (Profile Sidebar by default).
    1. Profile Sidebar (Right sidebar on profile).
    2. Profile Sidenav (Left sidenav on profile).
  6. Profile Audio Player section above “Settings” section in Account wrapper.
    1. Manage your playlist page (
    2. Support up to 10 audio tracks. [NEW in v1.0.1]
    3. Introduced the ability for users to directly upload audio files. [NEW in v1.0.2]
      1. Accepted audio file extentions are: mp3, wav, aac, flac, m4a, ogg, oga, amb, m4r, and opus.
    4. Each audio has five input fields for users:
      1. Audio (Upload audio or provide a link)
      2. Artist name
      3. Audio/song title
      4. Album name
      5. Album art (upload image)
  7. Enable “Manage Your Playlist” page link in account visitor menu.
    1. Admin option to Enable or disable “Manage Your Playlist” in Account visitor menu.
  8. Enable “Manage Your Playlist” page link in account navigation group, next to the Inbox and Alert buttons. [NEW in v1.0.1]
  9. Own database table to store User audio data: Audio url, Artist, Audio title, Album and Album art URL.
  10. Stylish and customizable Audio Player based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  11. Audio Player features include:
    1. Artist name
    2. Album name
    3. Album art
    4. Audio track title
    5. Audio track duration
    6. Audio track progress bar
    7. Audio tracks playlist button
    8. Play button
    9. Pause button
    10. Next track button
    11. Previous track button
    12. Manage your playlist button (Permission controlled)
    13. Volume control
  12. Utilized the XenForo standard title tooltip for all buttons on the player.
  13. Audio formats supported/tested in addition to MP3 include:
    1. .mp3
    2. .wav
    3. .aac
    4. .flac
    5. .m4a
    6. .ogg
    7. .oga
    8. .amb
    9. m4r
    10. .opus
  14. Streaming URLs for web radio, such as “Icecast” and “SHOUTcast,” can also be compatible.
  15. Included 26 style properties that make it easy to customize the Player’s look and design effortlessly.
    1. Player album art default
    2. Player album art width
    3. Player background
    4. Player controls action button active color
    5. Player controls action button color
    6. Player controls duration color
    7. Player controls progress bar background
    8. Player controls toggle play list background color
    9. Player controls toggle play list bottom
    10. Player controls toggle play list height
    11. Player current info color
    12. Player play list active color
    13. Player play list color
    14. Player play list hover color
    15. Player volume background
    16. Player volume slider
    17. Player width
    18. Player Current Info Song Album
    19. Player Current Info Song Artist
    20. Player Current Info Song Title
    21. Player Play List Songs Info Song Artist
    22. Player Play List Songs Info Song Title
    23. Player Play List Songs Info Songs Detail
    24. Player album art max-width (mob)
    25. Player album art width (mob)
    26. Player width (mob)
  16. Admin can upload a custom default image of “Player Album Art” by utilizing its dedicated style property.
  17. Usergroup permissions added under the section: [XenCustomize] Profile Audio Player.
    1. View profile audio player
    2. Can add audio
    3. Can upload audio [NEW in 1.0.2]
  18. Permissions for the usergroups are automatically set up during the installation process.
  19. Added “Auto Play” for audio tracks when profiles are opened.
  20. Phrased completely to make it easy to translate into other languages.
  21. Enable “Manage Your Playlist” page link in account navigation group. [NEW in v1.0.1]
    1. Admin option to Enable or disable “Manage Your Playlist” in account navigation group, next to the Inbox and Alert buttons [NEW in v1.0.1]

Install and setup

Install “[XenCustomize] Profile Audio Player” like any other XenForo add-on

Admin options are pre-set by default – at least for the first flight. ✈️

Next, explore Usergroup permissions. These are automatically set up during the installation process.

  • “View profile audio player” permission is granted to profile post viewers.
  • “Can add audio” permission is for those who can post on profiles.
  • “Can upload audio” permission is set for users who can upload attachments on profiles.

Before heading to the front-end, let’s remember the numerous style properties for customizing the Player’s appearance. πŸ”§πŸŽ¨

Now that you’ve had a glimpse πŸ‘€, let’s head to the front-end:

Directly visiting your profile might disappoint you, as the Audio Player won’t appear without adding audio tracks.
But don’t worry! 🎢 I’ve included a “Manage your playlist” link in the account visitor menu. This way, whether you’re on any page, you can easily access it.

Click “Your playlist” to access the “Manage your playlist” page. πŸ”—πŸŽ΅

Add your first track by uploading an .mp3 file or providing a link. On playlist page, manage up to 10 tracks with options for audio uploads or links, artist names, song titles, album names, and even custom album art uploads 🎨.

Save changes and…

..experience the stunning Profile Audio Player. 🎢

Note: If you disable “Autoplay,” the profile load will display the Player as shown. The default Album art can be changed in the “Player album art default” style property. πŸŽ΅πŸ”€

As demonstrated above πŸ‘†, clicking the “Manage your playlist” button opens an overlay for swift playlist control. 🎡

Utilize the Toggle playlist button to swiftly access your saved tracks. In the playlist, you’ll find album art thumbs, track titles, artist names, and album names.

Tap any track 🎢 to switch and play instantly.

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2 reviews for Profile Audio Player

  1. corpporthis (verified owner)

    I am entirely shocked that no one has yet to leave a rating on this add-on by Veer [XenCustomize]. This is a great addition for adding for communities by allowing users to add more personalization to their profiles. It also brings more life to your forum/community. Most importantly, is that the developer Veer, takes a genuine interest to end user concerns and suggestions. It’s so important when you have a developer who takes the time to engage, listen and assist the people who purchase their add-ons. I know all too well what it feels like to try and stumble along, being ignored or not receiving any help, after purchasing an add-on but this does not happen with Veer. This add-on is good ‘out of the box,’ but Veer is listening and making improvements/updates that are reasonable and help provide better functionality.

    A+ developer, great product, super fair price!

  2. oo5.dynasty

    Thank you for creating this add-on. This was something I was asking for for some time now on xenforo. You actually came through for the community. Thank You!

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