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Holidays Manager 1.1.0

Change log

Compatibility & Underlying Improvements​

  • Now compatible with XenForo 2.3.0 RC 4+
  • XenForo 2.3.0 RC 4 is now the minimum requirement for this (1.1.x) addon version.
  • To enhance the dark mode experience, we've optimized color schemes and button visibility within the addon's LESS templates.

New Features and Enhancements​

  • Added label on the Holiday view page to indicate holiday status:
    • Active Holiday: Displayed with an "Active/Inactive" label.
  • Enhanced holiday photos tab to show the photo count beside the tab label for quick visibility of associated photos.
  • Enhanced discussion tab to display reply count alongside the label, showing only when replies exist for increased engagement.
  • Holiday Tab View Permission: Implemented permission-based visibility for the Holidays tab to streamline user access.
  • Implemented styling adjustments to ensure everything displays correctly in dark mode.
  • Added style properties to Holiday view sections, making it easier to customize styles, especially for dark mode.
    • Holiday view section
      • Start background
      • Start title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)
      • End background
      • End title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)
      • Location title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)
      • Purpose title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)


  • Modified the holiday location display logic to show a standardized message when the holiday location is not specified.
    • Added a new phrase xcu_hm_holiday_location_is_not_provided.
  • Changed the holiday 'Description' label to 'Tagline' for clarity and added a new phrase 'xcu_hm_tagline'.
  • Hide Custom Fields Section:
    • In create/edit holiday forms, the "Custom fields" section is now hidden if no custom fields exist.

Bug Fixes​

  • The option to automatically post a message in the holiday thread when it's deleted now works as intended.
  • Addressed the unknown 'public:alert_holiday_post_insert' template error.

Release notes

We're delighted to announce the release of Holidays Manager 1.1.0! The highlight of this release is compatibility with XenForo 2.3.0 RC 4 and above. We've also implemented several enhancements to improve your experience, including better dark mode support and a host of quality-of-life improvements. Plus, we've squashed a few bugs to keep things running smoothly.