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Holidays Manager 1.1.0

Easily create and organize holidays, events, and travel-related content. Upcoming holidays and more.

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Introducing the Holidays Manager add-on for XenForo 2! ⛱️​

Easily create and organize holidays, vacations, events, trips, and travel-related content using powerful editing tools. Manage user holidays and leaves effortlessly. Allow members to share their holiday plans and return dates through integrated discussions. Upload holiday photos with customized display options, search for users on holiday, user group promotion, and control notifications during their absence.


📜 Notable features for v1.1.0​

Compatibility & Underlying Improvements​

  • Now compatible with XenForo 2.3.0 RC 4+
  • XenForo 2.3.0 RC 4 is now the minimum requirement for this (1.1.x) addon version.
  • To enhance the dark mode experience, we've optimized color schemes and button visibility within the addon's LESS templates.

New Features and Enhancements​

  • Added label on the Holiday view page to indicate holiday status:
    • Active Holiday: Displayed with an "Active/Inactive" label.
  • Enhanced holiday photos tab to show the photo count beside the tab label for quick visibility of associated photos.
  • Enhanced discussion tab to display reply count alongside the label, showing only when replies exist for increased engagement.
  • Holiday Tab View Permission: Implemented permission-based visibility for the Holidays tab to streamline user access.
  • Implemented styling adjustments to ensure everything displays correctly in dark mode.
  • Added style properties to Holiday view sections, making it easier to customize styles, especially for dark mode.
    • Holiday view section
      • Start background
      • Start title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)
      • End background
      • End title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)
      • Location title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)
      • Purpose title (Text, Background, and Freeform CSS/LESS code)


  • Modified the holiday location display logic to show a standardized message when the holiday location is not specified.
    • Added a new phrase xcu_hm_holiday_location_is_not_provided.
  • Changed the holiday 'Description' label to 'Tagline' for clarity and added a new phrase 'xcu_hm_tagline'.
  • Hide Custom Fields Section:
    • In create/edit holiday forms, the "Custom fields" section is now hidden if no custom fields exist.

Bug Fixes​

  • The option to automatically post a message in the holiday thread when it's deleted now works as intended.
  • Addressed the unknown 'public:alert_holiday_post_insert' template error.

📜 Notable features for v1.0.0​

  • Categories System with Permissions:​

    • Title
    • Description
    • Parent category
    • Display order
    • Automatically create thread in the forum
    • Automatically created thread prefix
    • Available fields
    • Available prefixes
    • Require users to select a prefix
  • Holiday Prefixes with Prefix Groups Support​

    • All the XenForo standard functionality for prefixes available.
  • Holiday Custom Fields:​

    • Title
    • Description
    • Display location:
      • Before the message
      • After the message
      • Extra information tab
      • Own tab
    • Display order
    • Applicable categories
    • Field type
      • Single-line text box
      • Multi-line text box
      • Rich text box
      • Drop-down selection
      • Radio buttons
      • Checkboxes
      • Multiple-choice drop-down
      • Star rating
    • and the XenForo standard functionality for custom fields available.
  • Add/Edit Holiday:​

    • Title with Prefix support
    • Description
    • Message (Full rich editor with attachment support)
    • Custom fields
    • Holiday information:
      • Location (auto-complete, requires Google API key)
      • Purpose
      • Holiday start date
      • Holiday end date
    • Leave information:
      • Leave Reason (To display on Profile)
      • Who is allowed to read your reason
        • All visitors (default)
        • Members only
        • People you follow
        • Nobody
    • Notification preferences:
      • Keep sending emails and alert notifications even though I am on Holiday.
      • Enabled
        • Enable with Caution: Only activate this option if you wish for this holiday to be displayed in the “Upcoming Holidays” widget. Furthermore, a “User is on Holiday” banner will appear on your profile and thread messages throughout the holiday dates. Proceed with enabling this option thoughtfully.
    • Upload holiday image
  • User Group Promotion:​

    • Users on holiday are automatically grouped based on their active holiday status.
    • Admins can choose a default user group for users on active holidays.
    • Cron entry to perform promotion and demotion.
      • A dedicated cron entry has been implemented to efficiently manage the promotion and demotion of users based on their holiday status. This ensures seamless and timely updates to user groups.
  • Holiday View with Tabs:​

    • Overview
    • Location Map
    • Photos
    • Discussion
    • Extra Info (Custom fields)
  • Holiday Index with:​

    • Holidays content listing
    • Categories
    • Pagination
    • Filters
      • Title
      • Location
      • Prefix
      • Posted by
      • Sort by Title, Last update, and Submission date
    • Widgets
      • Default widgets pre-installed (Featured Holidays and Upcoming Holidays)
    • Widget Positions
    • Inline moderation support
      • Delete holidays
      • Undelete holidays
      • Approve holidays
      • Unapprove holidays
      • Feature holidays
      • Unfeature holidays
      • Reassign holidays
      • Move holidays
      • Apply prefixes
  • Users on Holiday: (Experimental Feature)

    • (Optional) Quickly find a list of users on holiday or leave.
    • Status banner: “On Holiday”
    • Start date
    • Return/End date
  • Leave Info Sharing: (Experimental Feature)

    • (Optional) Leave Info displays on user profiles.
    • Members can provide a custom reason for their leave that displays on their profiles.
    • Privacy Control: Choose who sees holiday leave reasons.
  • Widgets:​

    • Holidays Manager: Featured Holidays
    • Holidays Manager: Upcoming Holidays
  • Widget Positions:​

    • Holidays Manager: Category view above holidays
    • Holidays Manager: Category view sidenav
    • Holidays Manager: Index Above Holidays
    • Holidays Manager: Index Sidenav
    • Holidays Manager: Holiday view above holiday
    • Holidays Manager: Holiday view below holiday
    • Holidays Manager: Holiday view sidebar
  • Holidays Manager Options:​

    • Default Holiday Icon (Font Awesome)
    • Default Holiday List Order
      • When viewing the holiday index or category overview pages, this will be the default order for holidays.
        • Last update
        • Submission date
        • Title
    • Holidays Per Page:
      • The number of Holidays displayed per page on the user account page.
    • Holiday User Group:
      • When a user is on Holiday, they can be added to a specific user group while they are on Holiday. This allows, for example, the styling and more to be adjusted.
    • Enable User on Holiday List (experimental feature)
      • This feature is introduced as experimental and is currently unsupported and disabled by default.
    • Enable "User on Holiday" Banner on Profiles and Posts (experimental feature)
      • This feature is introduced as experimental and is currently unsupported and disabled by default.
    • Limit viewing of holiday posts without “View full holiday” permissions
      • If selected, users that do not have permission “View full holiday” will only see this number of characters from the holiday posts.
    • Holiday Deletion Thread Action:
      • No change
      • Delete thread
      • Close thread
      • When a holiday is deleted, take this action with any automatically created thread.
        • Update thread title on holiday deletion:
        • Automatically post in the holiday thread on holiday deletion
    • Allowed Holiday Attachment File Extensions
      • List the file extensions that are allowed to be uploaded to holidays. Use spaces or line breaks between extensions.
    • Maximum Holiday Attachment File Size (KB):
      • Provide the maximum holiday post attachment file size in kilobytes (KB). Attachments over this size will be rejected.
    • Holiday Photos Display:
      • Decides where the collection of uploaded images will be displayed.
        • Above content
        • Below content
        • Own tab
        • No photos
    • Google Maps Embed API Key
    • Location Map Display:
      • Controls how the location data will be displayed when viewing a Holiday post.
        • Display map in the sidebar block
        • Display map below content
        • Display map in own tab
    • Google Maps Localization
      • When turned on, this feature will adjust different Google Maps (created with both the Embed API and the JS API) in Holidays Manager. It uses the XF language settings of the user viewing the maps.
  • Style Properties:​

    • Location map image
    • Date container
      • Styles the block that contains the day, month, and year.
    • Day and month container
      • Styles the block that contains the day and month.
    • Year container
      • Styles the block that contains the year.
  • User Group Permissions:​

    • View holiday
    • View full holiday
    • View holiday map
    • View holiday attachments
    • Can view holiday list
    • Can use holiday
    • Add holiday
    • Upload attachments to holidays
    • Edit own holiday
    • Delete own holiday
      Moderator Permissions:
    • Use inline moderation on holidays
    • View deleted
    • Undelete holiday
    • Delete any holiday
    • Edit any holiday
    • Reassign holiday
    • View unapproved holidays
    • Approve / unapprove holidays
    • Feature / unfeature holidays
    • Give warnings on holidays
      Admin Permission:
    • Manage Holidays Manager

Rebuild Caches:​

  • Holidays Manager: Rebuild holidays
  • Holidays Manager: Rebuild holiday location data
  • Holidays Manager: Rebuild user holiday counts
  • Holidays Manager: Rebuild holiday embed metadata (Attachments)
  • Rebuild search index (Holiday posts)

Cron Entries:​

  • Holidays Manager: Update view counters
  • Holidays Manager: Holiday cleanup

Additional Features:​

  • Add Holiday Post count to the member states.
  • Add Holiday Icon to member tooltip
  • Add Holiday Text to users’ thread posts.
There are many other features that haven't been listed yet, and we'll update this list in the future.

Holiday View​



Holiday Add/Edit​


Location Auto complete​


Holiday Image Upload:​


Holidays Index​


Inline moderation:​


Featured Holidays Widget:​

Widget is pre-installed and placed on dedicated widget positions.



Upcoming Holidays Widget:​

Widget is pre-installed and placed on dedicated widget positions.


Member Tooltip Icon: (Experimental Feature)

Note: This feature is introduced as experimental and is currently unsupported and disabled by default.


User is on Holiday Banner (Experimental Feature)

Note: This feature is introduced as experimental and is currently unsupported and disabled by default.


Users on Holidays: (Experimental Feature)

Note: This feature is introduced as experimental and is currently unsupported and disabled by default.


Manage your active holidays​

Only displays your active holidays so you can manage them all in a single page.


Admin options:​


User Group Permissions:​


Style Properties:​


Cron Entries:​


Categories, Prefixes and Custom Fields:​


Search User Criteria:​


Rebuild Caches:​


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