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Ad Between the Nodes 1.1.1

Effortless placement of advertisement code between XenForo node categories

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XenCustomize’s Ad Between the Nodes add-on offers a seamless solution for placing your advertisement code between XenForo node categories. Say goodbye to tedious template editing! With our user-friendly interface, adding and positioning your ads is a breeze.

Ad Between The Nodes Feature Banner.webp

Currently supporting up to 7 advertisement blocks, we are open to adding more upon request. Enable or disable ads at your convenience, easily enter XenForo category node IDs, and enjoy the freedom of using HTML, CSS and XenForo template syntax.


  • Effortless placement of advertisement code between XenForo node categories.
  • Eliminates the need for manual template editing.
  • User-friendly tabbed interface for easy ad addition and positioning.
  • Supports up to 7 advertisement blocks.
  • Convenient enable/disable option for ads.
  • Flexible entry of XenForo category node IDs.
  • Freedom to use HTML and XenForo template syntax.
Explore attached screenshots for a visual preview.

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