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Profile Audio Player & Library 2.2.0

Change log

What's New​

  • Now compatible with XenForo 2.3.0 RC 4 and above!
  • Still supports XenForo 2.2.x.


  • Replaced Font Awesome <i class> tags with <xf:fa> tags.
  • Font Awesome icons in players and other areas now respect the "Font Awesome weight" setting in Typography style property.
  • Changed "Profile Audio" to "Audio tracks" in various areas for better consistency.
  • Various minor code and styling improvements.
  • Removed several unused phrases.

Bug Fixes​

  • Fixed issue: Call to undefined method XenCustomize\ProfileAudioPlayer\Entity\ProfileAudio::canViewCommentImages()
  • Corrected an invalid link in the "See more" button of the Latest Audio Tracks widget.
  • Added missing phrases:
    • mod_log.profile_audio_undelete
    • mod_log.profile_audio_comment_delete_soft
    • mod_log.profile_audio_comment_delete_hard
    • mod_log.profile_audio_comment_undelete
    • mod_log.profile_audio_comment_merge_target
    • mod_log.profile_audio_comment_approve
    • mod_log.profile_audio_comment_unapprove

Release notes

We're pleased to announce version 2.2.0! 🎉 This update brings compatibility with XenForo 2.3.0 RC 4 and above, while continuing support for XenForo 2.2.x. Font Awesome icons now adhere to Typography style settings for a consistent look. We've enhanced consistency by replacing "Profile Audio" with "Audio tracks" across various areas. Additionally, this release also includes several minor code and style improvements, along with the removal of unused phrases to optimize your forum's performance. Upgrade today to take advantage of these enhancements!
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