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Forum Views & Visitors 1.0.1

Display total views & visitors for each forum, making engagement effortless and fun.

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Introducing Forum Views add-on for XenForo 2​

Elevate your XenForo 2 community with the Forum Views add-on! Display total views for each forum, making engagement effortless and fun.

🌐 Seamless Integration: Easily view forum popularity directly in the node list.
📊 Powerful Insights: Get a quick overview of total views for enhanced community management.
👍 Simple Setup: Hassle-free installation ensures you’re up and running in no time.
🎉 Boosted Engagement: Encourage user interaction by showcasing collective thread views.
🔄 Auto Update Views Counter: Cron entry to automatically update the forum views counter.

Explore the screenshots for a visual preview.

v1.1.0 (coming soon)

  • Forum Visitor Tracking
    • Added a new functionality to track and record visitors for each forum node.
    • Implemented a cron job to clean up old visitor records based on configurable time settings.
  • Admin Control Panel Options
    • Added a new option in the Admin Control Panel to configure the time limit for retaining forum visitor records.

v1.1.0 screenshots

  • Coming soon!

v1.0.1 changelog:​

  • Forum Statistics Widget Integration: Now includes the total views count in the Forum Statistics widget.
  • Admin Option: Enable Views in Forum Node List (Toggle the total thread views count in the forum node list.)
  • Admin Option: Enable Views in Forum Statistics Widget (Toggle the total views count in the Forum Statistics widget.)

Forum list: (v1.0.0)​


Sub-forum views: (v1.0.0)​


Cron entry: (v1.0.0)​


Admin Options: (v1.0.1)​


Forum Statistics Widget: (v1.0.1)​


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